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Apple: Amazing transformation

Posted by fairval on January 27, 2006

Apple’s ride back from obscurity is really amazing. No prizes for guessing whats behind the last 12 month performance – its i-pod. Amazing what one tiny device can do for one company. Check this from the 10-k filing:

‘Net sales of iPods rose $3.2 billion or 248% during 2005 compared to 2004. Unit sales of iPods totaled 22.5 million in 2005, which represents an increase of 409% from the 4.4 million iPod units sold in 2004. From the introduction of the iPod in 2002 through 2005, the Company has sold approximately 28 million iPods’.

The Company believes that the success of the iPod is having a positive impact on Macintosh net sales by introducing new customers to the Company’s other products. Desktop demand was stimulated in 2005 due to the new iMac G5 and the introduction of the Mac mini in January 2005. Net sales and unit sales of desktop products increased 45% and 55%, respectively, during 2005 compared to 2004. Macintosh net sales and unit sales also include sales of the Company’s portable products, which increased 11% and 21%, respectively, compared to 2004.

This is from the latest analyst call transcript (thanks due here David’s transcript service at www.seekingalpha.com)

We are extremely proud that we’ve just completed the best year in Apple history.Our Mac business generated 50% or total revenue and was up 28% from the year ago quarter.Our music business generated 40% of total Apple revenue in the quarter and was up a 133% compared to year ago quarter.


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