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Slowdown – Anecdotal evidence

Posted by fairval on October 2, 2008

How bad is the slowdown? Here’s some anecdotal evidence.

On current evidence, the advertising market is will currently grow at 10-15% this year, in nominal terms. This means in terms of actual volume of ads, it may actually degrow.

Evidence of slowdown in advertising is easily discernible from outdoor advertising, which apparently is more susceptible compared to mainline TV or print. Look around at hoardings. Even now, when festival season has started, there are around 20-30% hoardings going without any takers.

It is amazing to see how every is now talking of a slowdown. The manager of a beauty salon chain was telling me that business is down. This business has grown 30-40% in the last 4 years. This chain say it expects to grow only 10% this year.

So the slowdown in India is not just in manufacturing, it has hit service sector as well.


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