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Some positive statements..

Posted by fairval on October 8, 2008

In the last 3-4 days, have seen some positive statements emanating. One could doubtless say these are motivated statements, but still, these come from people who should be expected to be somewhat balanced.

ICICI Vent Funds CEO Renuka Ramanathan made one. She said investors are telling her they may up India (or was it Asia) allocation to upto 20% from current 5%. In other words, 4 times the share of funds available. The question tho is how much are the funds available, what with a lot of delevaraging going on.

Then Arvind Virmani says today that GDP growth could come back to the trend rate of 9% next year. This is quite optimistic. Virmani is on the Prime Minister’s advisory council, so I suppose he has to make positive statements. Still, even 7.5% would be great for FY10.

Of course there has KV Kamath saying India will grow at 9-10%, pretty much irrespective of what is happening abroad.


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