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Explosive Times Response letter!

Posted by fairval on November 7, 2012

Somebody just forwarded this ‘open’ letter, purported written by someone in the sales arm of The Times of India group (Times Response) to the new President-sales, Aranabh.

Here’s the full thing:

Wow! its explosive. Of course, it need not have been written by anyone within, could be something written by someone outside. Also, the language is too polished. I worked in that place, doubt any response guy can write this well. Or someone from edit has helped write this.

But yes, the resentment part is true. Not just against Arunabh, there have been, it seems other questionable appointments. And, it seems, while yield is up, absolute revenues are down ytd. This is unheard of. As the letter says, this hasnt happned for alteast as long as anyone can remember.

Absolute number and market share are for more important than yield. Chasing yield at the expense of market share does not make sense, and Resp teams are clearly unhappy about it. Very hard to get volumes back, once lost.

Clearly, the owners are carrying out some experiment, which perhaps only the VC (Sameer Jain) truly understands. He’s a visionary, lesser mortals like us will figure out once it has played out a bit more. It does seem like the owners want large scale churn in Response.


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