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Not Big Policy, Modi needs to get bureaucracy reforms right

Posted by fairval on November 13, 2014

Of late, several articles have begun to appear in the media about – Where are the Big Reforms?

It does not matter whether Big Policy changes come or not, unless we kick the butt of Indian bureaucracy, nothing will change in India. Notice this extract from an article in today’s Economic Times. this is an interview of the owner of Huntsman Chemical, a global leader in chemical industry

While manufacturing in India has its advantages, (Huntsman says he is clear that his firm’s interest is not due to cheap labour), the firm is among the many multinationals and domestic firms who have been at the receiving end of bureaucratic delays.

The firm shuttered a plant in Chennai after the local pollution control board delayed clearances. A second plant in Ankleshwar in Gujarat got its clearance only recently after a three-year delay. The Huntsman experience should ring a warning bell to bureaucrats and ministers in the establishment who are pushing Make in India aggressively. 


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