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What is SEBI doing about Elder Pharma?

Posted by fairval on October 11, 2015

This blog has written earlier about what appears to be a rather large scam afoot at Elder. In Jan’15 we wrote

What is cooking at Elder Pharma?

The basic premise was – Elder got over Rs 1700 crore post tax from slump sale of certain assets to Torrent. But it wrote off Rs 1100 crore of that. WTF? Just before that came out, independent directors started resigning. The CFO resigned soon.

And it is common knowledge that the company has been in a financial mess and has been defaulting.

Now, Mumbai Mirror reports that The Bombay High Court has cleared the prosecution of top Elder Pharmaceuticals Ltd bosses, including TV actor and chief operating officer Anuj Saxena and his brother and chief executive officer Alok Saxena, for the company’s failure to honour fixed deposits worth Rs 155 crore. Full story here —

Elder Pharma bosses face prosecution for not repaying deposits

This is good news. Finally, someone is going after the promoters. But, there are bigger issues ere:

  1. Just who is following up to check if large amounts of money were siphoned off? That is a separate criminal act
  2. What is SEBI doing?
  3. Should auditors etc, who signed the Rs 1000 crore+ write off, be prosecuted as well
  4. Several independent directors resigned. But did they report any of their suspicions to SEBI? Clearly, there was a reason why so many of them resign within a few days of each other

No major paper has followed up this story. So much for quality of journalism here.


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