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UP’s buffalo beef production surged under SP/UPA

Posted by fairval on March 27, 2017

The new UP chief minister Yogi Adityanath is cracking down on illegally run buffalo slaughterhouses, and this has understandably created a lot of media noise. But that is what it has been, a lot of noise, very little analysis.

Data shows that buffalo beef production has surged sharply in India over last 7-8 years, and UP has been the main growth driver.


In states other than UP, buffalo beef production grew at 9% CAGR over FY09-16. In UP it grew 22%, lifting all India average as well. UP now produces more than all the other states put together.

It would be good to know why exactly UP is such a stand out performer.Was this due to some good policies of SP/UPA?

Also, this must be data from just legal slaughterhouses, since this is government data. UP has 38 government-approved abattoirs according to media data, out of a national total of 72. In addition to the legal 38, it appears there are an illegal 140 in UP alone. They must be smaller than the legal ones, however, no one seems to have any clue of how much they produce.

Interestingly, it is buffalo beef which has surged in UP the most, not all meat classes. UPMeat

In UP, Poultry (the second largest meat category after buffalo beef) has grown at 7% CAGR in FY09-16. Goat and pig have interestingly shrunk, pig by as much as -8% CAGR.

Buffalo beef is mostly exported it seems. It would be good if the media went into the economics of the business is more detail; there are some interesting trends there which need analysis



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